Tuesday, October 25, 2016


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by Morley Evans

Russia has been criticized for its brutal treatment of enemies. Western "News" accuses Russia of shooting down a Malaysian airliner, invading and seizing the Crimea, and attacking the Donbas region of the Ukraine. In Syria, Russia is accused of "war crimes." 

Russia has traditionally been demonized by the West.

Western "NEWS" is adept at ignoring facts that contradict its story and inverting the truth. Truth Is Lies. Lies Are Truth.

The Battle of Stalingrad is one of the most brutal in history. Suffering was monumental. These are the terms delivered to General Paulus of the surrounded Nazi 6 Army.

Soviet troops advancing on Stalingrad.

The Russian phrase knut i pryanik, ‘whip or gingerbread’, was used to characterise a mix of threats and promises. This was the approach adopted by the Soviet army as they attempted to avoid further losses at Stalingrad. An invitation to surrender was drawn up, to be delivered to the Germans inside the besieged city. The document set out the cold facts of the situation – the 6th Army was not going to be rescued and the supply situation was going to get worse:


January 8, 1943:

To the Commander of the Sixth Army encircled at Stalingrad, General Paulus, or his deputy.

The Sixth German Army, the units of the 4th Tank Army and their reinforcements have been completely surrounded since November 23rd, 1942. The forces of the Red Army have drawn a secure ring around this German army. All hopes of rescue by means of a German offensive from the south and south-west have proved unfounded.

The forces which were rushed to your aid have been destroyed by the Red Army, and the remnants of these forces are withdrawing towards Rostov. The German transport planes which are supplying you with a bare minimum of food, ammunition and fuel are being forced to move between airfields, and to fly from great distances to reach your positions. Moreover, the Russian air force is inflicting great losses on German transport planes and their crews. Air transport is unlikely to continue for much longer.

Your encircled troops are in a grave situation. They are suffering from hunger, sickness and cold. The harsh Russian winter is only just beginning: hard frosts, cold winds and snowstorms are still to come, but your soldiers do not have winter uniforms and are living in unsanitary conditions. You, as commander, and all the officers of the surrounded troops know very well that there is no longer any realistic possibility of breaking through the encirclement. Your position is hopeless and further resistance is pointless.


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