Friday, January 1, 2016


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by Morley Evans

My darling Yuliia,

I appreciate your concern. You are my soul mate, Yuliia. 

I had a very satisfactory meeting yesterday with Dr. Garcia. He thanked me for "my note." I didn't ask which note. I had sent him a report on Dr. Eidsness and Lumigan®. I asked him if he had a nice Christmas. He did. Dr. Garcia said my eyes are much different from the last time he examined them. I replied, "Yes, this all happened in one night after I put one drop of Lumigan® in each eye before going to bed, as directed by Dr. Eidsness." He looked sympathetic. Dr. Garcia asked me about the hematoma I suffered that put me into a coma. I told him it is a long story but I would try to be brief. Dr. Garcia listened attentively as I told him that story which began in January 1992 and ended with me in a coma in June 2000. "I publish on the Internet," I told him. "You can read about it there if you like."

I told him that Zocor® and Lipitor® caused my problems and that Dr. Cenaiko and Dr. Buwembo saved my life, twice. When I told him that it took me 12 years to recover after being tortured for 8 years, Dr. Garcia lowered his head. He said, "You aren't taking any medication now, are you?" I replied, "No. The last time I saw you I told you I had learned my lesson. But apparently I hadn't learned it well enough because I put Lumigan® in my eyes." Dr. Garcia said he could refer me to someone about my glaucoma. I replied that I had been to The Mayo Clinic where I was told "No one knows how to treat low-pressure glaucoma because they don't know what causes it." Dr. Garcia said, "That's true. Glaucoma sometimes improves when cataract surgery is done, however." I replied, "That's what they told me too." We discussed the surgery he would do. I told him what I know about it. He confirmed that I understand what it is. 

I said it is very impressive technology. Dr. Garcia agreed. I said the worst that could happen is that I am left with one glass eye. He looked concerned and said, he thought I could expect a better result than that. (In high school I had a friend whose father had a glass eye. He would take it out and show it to us boys. Although it looked perfectly natural when he put it back in, I had no desire to have one myself.)

Dr. Garcia has a very good reputation. All doctors here in Regina have very good reputations, but many don't deserve them. Some doctors here should be in jail. Some should go to the guillotine, if we had one. Dr. Garcia is a very good doctor. He is competent. He is humble. He is compassionate. He listens to his patients. My sister's cataract surgery was done by Dr. Garcia. My mother's macular surgery was done by Dr. Garcia. My own retinal tear was repaired by Dr. Garcia. I think I can trust him to do the best he can, which should be excellent. Wish me luck, my love.

- Morley 

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