Saturday, January 30, 2010

Omar Khadr

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by Morley Evans

Omar Khadr was "arrested" when he was 15 years old after a firefight in Afghanistan between members of the United States Army, who were supported by the United States Air Force, and Afghans who were "suspected" of being terrorists. After hours of combat, every Afghan but Khadr was killed. Khadr, who was himself wounded, was charged with murder for throwing a grenade that killed a U.S. soldier. (This has been shown to have probably been a death by "friendly fire.") Khadr has been imprisoned for years as an "enemy combatant" in Guantanamo, Cuba, while he awaits his "trial." Periodically, Khadr's case makes the news.


Why aren't the members of the United States Army along with members of the United States Air Force charged with murder? Don't people kill each other in wars? Is not the explicit purpose of every soldier to kill his enemy? Is everyone supposed to sit passively while they let American soldiers kill them? If they shoot back, are they guilty of a crime, perhaps "resisting arrest?" This entire affair is as ridiculous as the empire that thinks it is not an empire and some of its deluded imperial legionnaires who think they are policemen, or social workers.

Do you remember that the United States called the Korean War (with millions killed and wounded) a "police action"?

The gods of war must be laughing their heads off. I am.

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